The feel-good factor

Why remedial massage could be the remedy you need

In a time of social distancing, we’ve never been so aware of our human instinct for physical contact. And there’s a good reason for this. According to endota spa’s Remedial Massage program leader Tino D’Angelo, our sense of touch triggers the production of endorphins, which act like a natural opioid. 

Endorphins can be up to 50 times stronger than morphine,” he says. “That’s why you feel so uplifted after a really good massage – these neurotransmitters not only help relieve pain, but also improve your mood.” 

Whether you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the uncertainty and stress of iso-life, or muscle tension is mounting thanks to a daily juggle between home-schooling and home-working, remedial massage can be a release for whatever your body is dealing with.

And while massage was initially considered a non-essential service under COVID-19 restrictions in many states, it now looks likely that remedial massage therapists can return with their healing touch. endota plans to re-open a large number of spas throughout May for its professionally trained remedial massage therapists.

"Having a massage gives you something to look forward to, a sense of purpose and a reward. We all need that right now."

- Tino D'Angelo

Tino says the therapists he trains will be looking forward to helping people find a renewed sense of balance in their minds and bodies, especially in this current time. 

It’s more than physical, there’s an emotional aspect as well,” he says. 

You may have been less active over the past month or so. Any lower back, neck or shoulder issues will be made worse by a poor ergonomic set up in the home office. But then there is also the stress and isolation of not being able to go out. Having a massage gives you something to look forward to, a sense of purpose and a reward. We all need that right now.

Maybe your neck feels still from spending the last month working from a laptop at the dining table or slumping on a chair. Or perhaps the key to feeling better is knowing somebody is there to listen. 

Tino describes remedial massage as the practice of finding balance. “An important part of the treatment is its specific to your problem, but it goes beyond the physical manifestation to find the cause. We’re not just treating the pain, but the whole person.”

A good remedial massage therapist blends a knowledge of anatomy with an almost magical ability to sense where the problem is with their healing hands.  

Massage is an intervention,” Tino explains. “We know stress can cause pain which can then affect the whole body. Your hormones might feel out of whack. And that leads to other problems. When the body feels pain, it constricts blood vessels. Massage can increase the blood flow into the areas that need nutrients.

While it’s an intervention that requires physical touch, it can still be provided in a safe way. Participating endota spas will ensure client numbers are limited, strict hygiene protocols are observed and protective masks may be worn.

Importantly, you’ll still enjoy the distinctively nurturing experience of an endota spa. “These are special places, because we all live and breathe our values – intent, connect, truth and balance,” observes Tino. And these are the magical ingredients behind the mood-boosting, tension-relieving power of an endota remedial massage.