Final showdown: the New Age road-test comes to an end

For the past 12 weeks, we’ve been following our New Age road-testers along their age-defying journey – on a quest for more luminous, renewed skin. Without changes to diet or lifestyle, our intrepid trio have taken the driver’s seat with a positive approach to ageing consciously, armed solely with their individual revolutionary skincare regimes.

We look into the microscope to bring you the finer details of these three astonishing transformations, illustrating that a commitment to quality skincare is able to achieve extraordinary results.

See through the lens of endota educator Madeline Briggs to discover the scientifically proven gains from New Age skin regimens, and learn from the personal experiences of our three rejuvenated road-testers.

Skincare expert Madeline Briggs

12 week Summary

Over the 12-week trial, all three of our dedicated road-testers noticed visible changes to the health of their skin. Hydration readings have skyrocketed, giving us quantitative evidence that these products really do hit the high notes when it comes to retaining and restoring essential moisture. No more dry, dull skin for these radiant roadies as committing to an ongoing maintenance program is now easy to justify, given the glowing results they now see before them. And plump, luminous skin is good reason to love endota New Age™, as all of our road-testers now do.

Trial jury verdict

Beautiful skincare delivers great results and a transformative mind-body experience, motivating us to return to our rituals again and again. We leave you with the final thoughts from our renewed and dedicated road-testers.


Our youngest road-tester has transformed from skincare dabbler to full-time aficionado of the revolutionary New Age range. Her glowing results are proof that putting in a little more effort pays off beautifully – to both her complexion and self-confidence.

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This busy mum is a champion of holistic, natural skincare but has struggled with an effective self-care routine lately. Allowing herself to be nurtured through this diligent daily ritual has paid enormous dividends, reconnecting Kendall with a remarkable sense of renewal both inside and out.

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Skincare enthusiast, Janette entered the road-test displaying the greatest commitment out of our trial trio. With a history of skin cancer in her family, her proactive attitude ranged from avid sun protection to seeking effective anti-ageing solutions for her mature skin. Janette’s ongoing enthusiasm for the New Age range has not only yielded the most impressive results, but constant compliments as well.

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New Age road-test wrap-up: Before and (happily ever) after

While many formulas and treatments claim to be clinically or scientifically proven, we went a step further and invited a real-life jury to try our new range. After all, who better to test our endota New Age™ products than the women they’ve been specifically developed for!

But first, a few things to remember about the following exceptional clinical results. While the changes and diligence required to undertake new skincare regimens was dramatic for some of the road-testers to begin with, this was done to jump-start dramatic improvements to the skin.

After eight weeks, facial treatments were scaled back to fortnightly, then reduced to monthly to maintain results. Finally, hydration readings were not taken directly after our road-testers’ facials, but days or a whole week after a treatment. Hydration levels stayed clinically high due to a dedicated aftercare program undertaken by each road-tester.

Which of our Clinically tested Serums are best suited for your skin?

New Age™ Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum
This powerful peptide-enriched serum reduces fine lines and relaxes wrinkles while increasing skin’s hydration and clarity for a more luminous complexion.

New Age™ Age-Defying Retinol Serum
Designed to firm the skin and minimise deep wrinkles and lines, this potent retinol serum is formulated with encapsulated vitamin A to tone and boost radiance.


New Age™ Potent Brightening Serum
Brighten skin dulled by age or damaged by acne or sun exposure with this active brightening serum.

New Age™ Super C Firming Serum
An antioxidant-rich formulation with encapsulated vitamin C boosts skin vitality and protects against free radicals and environmental stress.

The last 12 weeks has been an uplifting and rewarding experience for our New Age road-testers. We applaud them for taking the road to renewal and wish them continued wellbeing and a deep connection with their ‘best me’.