Brand Ambassadors

Captain & The Gypsy Kid

Sheree Commerford

Founder and Creative Director, of her own style destination, Captain & The Gypsy Kid is a creative force who has over has over fifteen years in the fashion industry under her belt. Commerford’s impressive experience and vision will help talk women through the journey of incorporating self-care into their busy lifestyles. Recalling the instant connection with endota spa, Commerford says, “It feels like I have discovered this pocket of truth. To find a company that believes we need to disconnect to reconnect is completely in line with my own journey in this second act of my life. Their connection to our beautiful Australian earth really speaks to me so to collaborate from not only a creative perspective but also, a personal one where I can explore this new age of beauty that starts from within and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” “I want women to know that ageing is okay, that we should embrace it and make conscious choices that show our daughters beauty is so much more than surface value. That self-care is crucial in these times, now more than ever we have to rally around one another and make sure all our sisters take the time to connect to themselves, nature and those they love. This is something I am learning as well,” says endota spa Ambassador, Sheree Commerford.


Quintessential Aussie beauty

Erin Holland

Accomplished singer, TV host, model, dancer, charity worker and former Miss World Australia, Erin Holland is a quintessential Aussie beauty who creates inspiring lifestyle content for her loyal following. Winning scholarships for her classical singing ability, Erin also has extensive modelling and live TV experience, featuring on The Today Show and Sunrise, and has hosted events such as the Westfield Fashion Festivals. With a broad reach across her social media platforms, Erin shares aspirational yet attainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle content with her followers and is quickly becoming one of Australia’s best-loved homegrown talent.


Society Inc.

Sibella Court

Well-known interior stylist, historian, creative director of The Society Inc., product designer and globetrotter who is hungry for innovative ideas and experiences. The award-winning author of Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC, Nomad, Bowerbird and Gypsy. Sibella has a rich resume, spending time cutting her teeth with powerhouses like Bergdorf Goodman, Jo Malone, Donna Karan, West Elm and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sibella brings an important dimension to the future of the endota spa brand. The partnership with Sibella will be vital to how endota spa continue to tell their history, which is deep-rooted in nature and also offers pertinent advice to women when creating their own sanctuaries. Sibella Court explains how her relationship with endota spa was fate, “My love of botanicals and natural perfumes, definitely makes an exciting collaboration with endota. A brand, like my own, that draws inspiration from the best, being Mother Nature. From their malachite symbol, packaging with colour palettes of Morning Peninsula and of course their beautiful product ranges packed full of natural and active ingredients.” An extension of the endota spa community, the endota spa ambassadors will support and offer encouragement to women and men in their life journey to wellness through their work, words and future collaborations.


Makeup artist

Teneille Sorgiovanni

Wants to empower more women through her knowledge as a makeup artist. "Like endota spa, I share the same passion; beauty, nature and colour. As a makeup artist, skin preparation is crucial in creating a great base for flawless makeup application. The nurturing and nourishing natural ingredients used in the endota range, ensures me the best base possible to unleash my creativity within. This is where it becomes alive; making you feel empowered and looking your best with an ultimate glow inside and out," "The aim is to help women celebrate the features that they are born with, that makeup should never mask this but really enhance it so they feel confident all the time," Sorgiovanni says.